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Location: Suffolk County, Long Island, NY
Author & Personal Development Training Specialist
Member, Chamber of Commerce of the Mastics & Shirley, NY
My name is Sophia Burrell

I am extremely driven and passionate in my efforts to help individuals,
teams and groups rise to the challenges of their higher self. I am an
author, personal development specialist and motivational speaker,
operating out of Long Island, NY. I am determined also in my effort to get
individuals unstuck and unglued from whatever is holding them back, and
getting them to that place they desire most - goal achievement /
self-mastery.  Our coaching is solution-focused and results-oriented to
facilitate enhancement and the maximization of personal and professional

As a token of my appreciation for visiting my website today, click this
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 "7 Traits for V.I.C.T.O.RY" FREE. This
book offers 7 kick-ass qualities that will boost your confidence, raise your
self-esteem and provide action steps and self-improvement strategies for
a better you.
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