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Location: Suffolk County, Long Island, NY
Author & Personal Development Training Specialist
Member, Chamber of Commerce of the Mastics & Shirley, NY
Sophia's Personal Quotes & What she Believes:

  • "Confidence is the ring leader of all traits, it relay instructions
    and all the other traits feed from it"

  • "Desire is an instigator, it provokes action and it's what sets
    the pace"

  • "Vivacious spark"

  • "There's a spark that is illuminated when one is vivacious, this
    spark creates attention, power, life, love, success"

  • "Many people are afraid to admit that the reason they feel so
    comfortable in their comfort zone, is because they lack the
    courage, confidence and commitment that a challenge requires"

  • "Optimism and confidence are intimately linked, same is true
    of pessimism and doubt"

  • "Some traits are life warriors, they fuel your fire, they make
    you ruthless, they gives you the courage to persist and provide
    the driving force that yields victory"
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Quick Facts to Note About Sophia:

  • Graduated from University of Phoenix with a Masters of
    Science, Psychology

  • Doctoral student, Management & Organizational Leadership

  • Author of 3 books, the most popular of which is    "7 Traits
    for V.I.C.T.O.R.Y"

  • Spoke in more than 20 High Schools in NY, DC & NJ

  • Founder & CEO of V.I.C.T.O.R.Y Training Lab

  • Keynote at graduation ceremony

  • Coined the term "fear is a bully" (her first message as a speaker)

  • Spoke at Rikers Island to female inmates
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