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7 Traits for Victory is a simple, readable book with
great insights. What I mean by simple is that Ms.
Burrell is clear, concise and didn't feel the need to
use big, fancy words to get to the point. The chapter
on "Initiative" stood out for me because it takes
courage to start something new, and courage is one
of the greatest virtues. A virtue that CAN be learned,
and should be taught in school when children begin
to give in to social pressures and decide that
conformity is easier than standing out..........Nancy
Really loved the personal experiences noted in the
book ......Susan, (Owner of Tend Coffee, Shirley NY)
Customer Reviews  for "7 Traits for Victory"
This book written by Sophia Burrell was very
motivational. I also love the way she uses words like
VS, for vivacious spark. This book is a must read.
Makes you want to go out and conquer the world if not
try some new things. It came at a point in my life when
I needed a lift. I kept it at my bedside and every night I
read a chapter before I go to bed.....Violet
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